Due to technical difficulties, parts of the Huron Insider Videos from February 25th contained no audio. You can listen to the full audio of the meeting from the city here. Also, part of the ending from the City Council Meeting Video was missing you can watch the entire meeting here.

Top 3 Takeaways from Tuesday’s Huron City Council Meeting
1) Council approved applying for a grant through the Safe Routes to School program to add an 8-foot-wide bicycle/pedestrian path along the south side of Jim Campbell Blvd from the Center St. intersection to the existing pedestrian bridge and the bikeway near the high school. The estimated cost of the project is $537,965.19. The grant will cover $400,000 of the project. (Yes: Claus, Crawford, Dike, Hagy, and Tapp)
2) Council approved an agreement with OCI Investments LLC, to use the Comfort Inn’s parking lot for events. The events are, the Easter Egg Hunt, the City-Wide Garage Sale, the Rotary Fine Arts Festival, The Pumpkin Festival, Riverfest, and the All Classic weekend. (Yes: Claus, Crawford, Dike, Hagy, and Tapp)
3) Council approved the drafting of legislation for an agreement with Seeley, Savidge, Ebert & Gourash Co LPA to preform an investigation. The only information known is the investigation is about a charge or complaint pf a city employee or public official. Council held a meeting on February 19th to interview two law firms in executive session. (Yes: Claus, Dike, Hagy, and Tapp; No: Crawford)