June 25 – BGSU Trivia Night: BGSU Athletics
Grab your favorite beverage and join in for BGSU Athletics Trivia Night! Play along for the chance to win some BGSU prizes. There will be 2 rounds with a limit of 50 players each.
Helpful tips for the best trivia experience:
Playing works best when you use two different devices or two screens. This is not required, but makes for easiest game play.
We will share the trivia questions on our Zoom call via shared screen content, so you will want to watch that screen to see the questions. You will then use either your cell phone, tablet or a second screen or device to use as your answer remote through Kahoot (either in your browser at kahoot.it or on the Kahoot! App).
If you have technology questions, please contact us for assistance prior to the event.

Please register here.