As of Monday afternoon, crews from Station 2 began to man their new quarters!

The new building, by general contractor Studer-Obringer, is a mirror image of the existing building, from the outside. Inside, however, the quarters contain a new kitchen, day room, office and bunk rooms for 4 personnel to allow for growth of the department in the future.

4 bays house the following apparatus:
Ambulance 412, Engine 422, Tanker 431 and Brush Truck 441. Seasonally, other apparatus may be kept in the new, larger bay to cut down on clutter at Station 1.

The new station also features a state of the art weight room, hose drying tower, and turnout gear storage area that is negatively pressurized to prevent carcinogens from infiltrating the crew areas of the station. Also included in the front of the station is a museum area, which will house the vintage fire engine know affectionately as the “Blue Goose” as well as other antique fire paraphernalia.

Station 2 currently handles approximately 40% of the total run volume of the department, and covers the area including Rye Beach Rd, West to the township limits, north to Lake Erie and South to Scheid Rd.

A plan for a station open house is currently being formed, which could take place in the spring.