For the past three years these sisters’ passion has been about helping children with cancer and their families, by creating the “Chemo Care Package Campaign”.

During this time Hannah & Abi have been able to make and deliver over 320 packages for children suffering with cancer and their families. The baskets are filled with gift cards, winter necessities, hand sanitizer for their compromised immune systems, new movies, reading and coloring books, board games and so much more. These are made possible due to the generosity of the staff and students at Huron City Schools and the dedication of Hannah and Abi.

They were able to provide all the inpatient children receiving chemotherapy a gift package, but it didn’t stop there, The Chemo Care Package Campaign was also able to reach out to outpatient children and their families as well. Over 150 sick children were positively impacted this holiday season all because of the dedication and kind-heartedness these two sisters started three years ago.  Hannah, a survivor of aggressive pediatric cancer, knows first-hand all the struggles, and she said it brings joy to her heart to think that Huron City Schools who once supported her in her battle, are now supporting other children who need emotional support as they continue in their struggle with childhood cancer.