It is with great honor and gratitude that we are able to announce that the Woodlands Intermediate Playground Project has been FULLY FUNDED by our generous local charitable foundations, businesses, and community members!!! The community has spoken and once again they have supported our children!!!!

Attached below are pictures of the playground that our STUDENTS have chosen! That’s right, it wouldn’t truly be the kids playground if they didn’t have a choice so a choice they were given. Thank you to our wonderful students for coming together and choosing a playground that every student will be able to utilize!

Some of the highlights of this addition include: a brand new system that will be able to be used by all grades, a new merry go round that will allow wheelchairs to be directly placed on the merry go round to enjoy, and a swing system that will also safely allow a wheelchair to be placed on the swing. Because of you, Huron will have a safe playground that will promote accessibility, inclusion, and socialization through play!

Currently, installation is scheduled for the week August 12 (depending on weather obviously!) But that means we have a very good chance of the kids coming back to a BRAND NEW PLAYGROUND!!! We will keep you updated as the progress continues and will let everyone know as soon as the ribbon cutting ceremony date is finalized! We would love for everyone to attend to show our children what an awesome community we live in!!!!

Again, we can not THANK YOU enough for your constant support!!!!! Our hearts are overfilled with love!!!❤️❤️❤️ Sincerely, The Huron PTO #huronproud #huronpride#swingsdidcometrue #huronpto