Nickel Plate Beach is now officially open for the season. Crews have been putting the final touches on all of the necessary safety and public health improvements to ensure the park is ready to go. We thank everyone in our community for their patience and look forward to a fun and safe summer at the park! For all of the latest beach safety information, follow this link here.
Responsible Restart Ohio Precautions:
* Signage will be posted on the beach advising patrons to practice social distancing by limiting groups to 10 people and staying at least 6 feet apart from other parties. It is the responsibility of the patrons to follow these guidelines.
* Upon arrival, flyers outlining the optimal practices to maintain a healthy environment on the beach will be passed out to patrons.
* Hand sanitizer will be available in portable restroom areas
* Beach staff will be equipped with personal protective equipment.
* The changing facilities and playground will be closed.
* The middle volleyball court will be closed to allow for more space for social distancing.
*Tables within the picnic shelter are pre-spaced, please do not move them.
* A part-time police officer will be assigned to patrol the park to assist
* Ask that patrons stay home if you are sick or do not feel well.
* Use social distancing and maintain at least six feet between individuals.
* Do not gather in groups of 10 or more.
* If the beach is crowded or parking lots are full, go to another location that is not as crowded.
In addition, the City has established new policies and procedures regarding beach safety to reduce risk for patrons of the park. Nickel Plate Beach is an open water dynamic environment. The City worked with KS Associates to complete a beach assessment and create specified recommendations for risk mitigation.
* Creation of a designated swim area following established guidelines
* Installation of an electronic wind monitoring system with notification capabilities
* Installation of additional signage warning of potential for rip currents
To view the entire policy as well as other beach safety information, click here.
We’re very excited to be opening one of the area’s best beaches. Again, we appreciate your patience and can’t wait to see everyone.