Who is the NOACC?

NOACC, ( Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce), is a voluntary alliance of 120+ local and area chambers of commerce serving over 35,000 employer members that belong to the association through various chambers. NOACC provides negotiated, competitive benefits for the retention and attraction of members, and promotes professional growth and operational efficiency. NOACC offers a more personal alternative to larger regional chamber organizations and it reinforces the strength of the local/area chamber. Through NOACC, chambers offer attractive member rates, consolidated buying power and direct local business relationships. NOACC-affiliated cambers of commerce enjoy discounts on the following: Group health, life and disability insurance, worker’s compensation groups, credit card and payroll processing, office supplies and services, shipping and freight services, trucking/logistics, wellness programs, and web design services. NOACC also provides educational opportunities for its member chambers.

NOACC is the largest local and area chamber association based on member company enrollment. For additional information, visit the NOACC website, www.noacc.org, or contact the NOACC office at (216) 447-9900 or Toll Free at (866) 466-6222 or by email to [email protected]

NOACC Benefits