In March of this year, the City established a transient rental registration and certification program and expanded the lodging tax to incorporate any short-term rental properties in the City.
All owners/operators of facilities must do the following to comply with the new program:
1. Complete the City’s Transient Rental Registration Application here.
2. Submit the application to the City’s Planning and Zoning Department with payment ($400 per unit)
3. Review the inspection criteria in preparation of inspection and schedule required inspection of unit(s) with the City by calling the Zoning Department.
4. Register any transient rental property owned within the City of Huron on Erie County’s tax collection website (already a requirement to pay County’s 4% lodging tax) and submit 3% of gross rents. This is done online through Erie County’s portal here.
More details on this process can be found on the City’s website here.
If you have any questions on the process, please call the City’s Zoning Department at 419-433-5000 ext. 103 or by email at [email protected].