Area Superintendents Announce Protocols Regarding Coronavirus Concerns

Mr. Todd Boggs – Superintendent, Perkins

Mr. Tom Roth – Superintendent, Edison

Dr. Eugene T. W. Sanders – CEO and Superintendent, Sandusky

Mr. Dennis Mock – Superintendent, Margaretta

Mr. Dennis Muratori – Superintendent, Huron


Sandusky, Ohio – School officials from the area public schools conducted a press conference today to announce a series of protocols for addressing the Coronavirus. While there are no reported cases of the Coronavirus in our immediate area, multiple area superintendents met to provide a corporate response to the current health challenge in our state and nation. Dr. Eugene T.W. Sanders, CEO and Superintendent of the Sandusky City Schools is working collaboratively with Mr. Todd Boggs, Superintendent of Perkins, Mr. Dennis Muratori, Superintendent of Huron and Mr. Tom Roth, Superintendent of Edison. Each of the superintendents attended today’s press conference held at the Sandusky Board of Education, 407 Decatur St. Sandusky. Peter Schade, Erie County HEalth Commissioner was also present at the press conference to provide comments. The superintendents have provided a corporate response to addressing the Coronavirus matter. There was agreement on the following matters:

  • Agreement to announce a joint closing of schools at the recommendation of a county or state health official
  • Providing electronic options to students to address academic work in the event of the closure of school for multiple days
  • Agreement to suspend large gathering and meetings for thirty days and then reassess next steps at that time
  • Districts will provide deep cleaning of buildings and facilities on weekends and spring break
  • Agreement to partner with the County Health Department and officials regarding strategic steps and recommendations for specific action
  • Districts will develop regular communications to maintain communications with students, parents and community members

Each of the districts will be conducting communications to the constituents on this matter. The purpose of this press event is to provide a consistent set of protocols for schools within the immediate area. Follow up questions can be directed to each of the Superintendents.

To view the press conference click here.