The Huron “Epic Bots” robotics team competed for the 2nd year under the direction of their teachers, Patty Ryan and Matt Asher at the Falcons BEST Robotics competition at BGSU Stroh Arena on November 11th, 2018. The challenge this year asked our high school students to create a Robot that could ride on the ocean’s currents and clean plastic from the ocean. The entire competition focused on the growing world problem of plastic polluting our oceans and waterways and killing fish and sea life because they eat the plastic.

With only 6 weeks on the calendar to complete the challenge, the clock begins!

The STEAM Class (science, technology, engineering, art & math) made up of 25 students who called themselves the Epic Bots began to break down all the different tasks and teams.

It is a much bigger than you think! The students have many components to the competition. The different parts of the competition require Design and Build Team, Coding Team, Marketing Team, Trade Booth Team, Engineering Journal Team, Spirit and Sportsmanship Team, T-shirt Design Team, Website Design Team and Video Team. That is a lot of moving parts. It is like running a start up business. The Design and Build Team must create robot that can clean the ocean and they have to do that from scratch. There is no kit or directions. Teachers can only facilitate. That is why we ask for volunteers from the community to come in and mentor. This year we were lucky to have support from Sam Jeremy, former Huron High School Graduate, from Wilkes Heating & Plumbing came in several days to help our builders think through the build challenge. Our very own Josh Cebull, Huron Band Director, supported us with his construction skills by helping the students build a practice field. This was a difficult challenge, even for the experienced schools. The robot had to ride on a 4 X 4 rail with an arm that could reach out and grab the plastics. Even though it seemed impossible, these kids really got after it! I could not be more proud of them! Our team far surpassed our expectation.