Nicholas Walsh is a Huron High School Junior, who has not only designed but also constructed  a helmet similar to what Tony Stark wears in the “Iron Man”.  Using a 3D printer, he created 11 pieces to build his product.  Inside the helmet are very small motors and a micro-controller that he programmed to open the helmet so it can be worn.  Nicholas’ first creation was two years ago, he made a trumpet with a 3D printer. Nicholas’ helmet was featured on Thingiverse, a website for sharing original digital design projects.  Nicholas’ next project is designing / constructing a replica of Iron Man’s arm.  Nicholas is interested in studying mechanical or electrical engineering at the University of Toledo.  Huron High School STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) teacher Patty Ryan is very impressed with Nicholas’ability to design and create these projects.  Caitlin Nearhood from the Sandusky Register recently had an article about Nicholas in the January 7, 2019 newspaper. (featured photo is courtesy of Caitlin Nearhood )