Edit to below post: Please make sure that the items are either sealed or unopened. Thank you for any and all assistance.
PLEASE SHARE: The Erie County Emergency Management Agency is collecting, organizing, and distributing essential supplies for our first responders and long term care facilities. Given the uncertainty of the coming days and weeks, below is a list of supplies needed to respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The resources collected will be distributed to front line organizations such as public safety personnel and long term care facilities. All resources collected will stay here in Erie County and support operations in our community. For drop off or pick up arrangements, please contact the EMA Office at 419-627-7617 or [email protected]
Hospital/EMS Personal Protective Equipment:
N95 Masks
Surgical Masks
Face Shields
Goggles / Eye Protection
PPE Kits
Disposable Scrubs
Tyvek Suits
Other Supplies:
Temporal Thermometers
Hand Sanitizer
Disinfecting Wipes
Disinfecting Spray