Starting this week, City residents may be receiving a letter regarding the City of Huron’s Electrical Aggregation Program. If you did receive this letter, it’s most likely because you are either not currently enrolled in the aggregation program or you are approaching the end of the 3-year enrollment period. In either case, if you would like to opt-in to the program, simply do nothing (keep the letter for your records) and monitor your next bill to ensure the discount is reflected. If you would like to opt-out of the program, complete the opt-out form included with the letter and follow the mailing instructions. Please be mindful as the opt-out is time-sensitive.

What is electric aggregation? In the State of Ohio, communities are able to utilize the purchasing power of the entire community’s electricity portfolio to gain a discount on the generation portion of the bill. Electric aggregation only affects the generation portion of your electric utility bill. Ohio Edison will still be your electric utility provider, and all billing will still route through them.

The City of Huron has offered electric aggregation since 2010. The current agreement is set to expire in October of this year. The City Council authorized a new 3-year agreement with Dynegy to commence this fall.

The program is offered to provide a cost-effective option without having to do the comparison shopping yourself. However, Dynegy is not the only generation option available to you. If you’d like to review a list of all available generation providers and their rates/terms, you can visit PUCO’s website:…/…/ohio-edison-oh-electricity/

The City’s aggregation program approved a fixed rate over a 3-year term at 4.79¢ per kilowatt-hour (you’ll need this information when comparing to other generation providers).

For more information on how municipal aggregation works, check out this article:…/What%20is%20Aggregation.…