For the first time on one stage, the Fine Arts meets the Performing Arts. Experience the thrill of witnessing giant paintings being created before your eyes in mere moments and join the challenge to see if you can guess what is being created.

Artrageous artists use bold colors on their hands and brushes as they are inspired by the troupe’s vocalists, musicians and dancers while they race to complete the paintings before the last note.
After the show, the paintings will be given away – save half of your ticket for a chance to win – you must be present to win.
This FREE event is funded by The Lange Trust of Sandusky Library. TICKETS ARE REQUIRED. For 2 FREE tickets, you must send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your phone number to: Lange Trust, Sandusky Library, 114. W Adams St, Sandusky. To be fair to everyone, the limit for EACH request is 2 tickets. Erie County Residents only.
To reserve wheelchair seating, contact The Lange Trust at 419-625-3834 ext. 6011.